Your Child's First Visit

Age One, Well-Baby Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child should visit the dentist by their first birthday.

Early childhood cavities, sometimes referred to as baby bottle cavities are PREVENTABLE.

What to expect at the Age One Dental Visit:


  • Your infant's teeth and gums will be gently examined.

  • You will be shown simple but effective ways to clean your child's teeth.

  • Diet and nutrition, as related to tooth decay, will be discussed with you.

  • Other preventive measures such as the application of fluoride, either applied directly to the teeth or as a supplement to your child's diet will be thoroughly explained to you.

  • Future appointments will be made depending upon the results of our findings.

Working together as team, we are confident that the majority of dental problems can be prevented.

Your Child's First Hygiene Appointment

When your child turns three, we recommend having their first visit

with the dental hygienist.  This visit has two goals:

  • First, to gently introduce your child to the dental experience.

  • Second, to begin in office preventive procedures.

Our staff has over 70 years of combined experience in treating

children and will make their initial visit comfortable, easy and even fun.

We use a "show and tell" technique to help your child understand

what is happening.  The children can see, touch and play with

everything they will be shown.  Age appropriate words are used.  

For example, a saliva ejector is called "Mr. Thirsty" because it drinks water from your mouth; an x-ray machine is a camera because it takes pictures of your teeth.  A dental instrument is touched on a fingernail before it is touched on a tooth.
Each new step is gently introduced and positively reinforced by our staff.

At this visit, we want to examine your child's teeth and gums, clean their teeth, apply topical fluoride and take appropriate x-rays.  What is actually accomplished depends upon the ease in which your child adapts to this new experience.

The first visit can often be anxiety producing for a young child. Parents are expected to accompany their children.  It is not unusual for this age to not want to cooperate initially and crying and refusal to sit in the dental chair is common.  Please don't be surprised if this occurs.  


Allow our staff time to "win" your child over.  Children take great pride in overcoming their fears and leave feeling very good about themselves and what they have accomplished.


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